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“Outsider Sounds and Visions”  is a bi-monthly radio show hosted by Ratskin Records collective broadcast through friends at Sutro FM, out of San Francisco, CA. “Outsider Sounds and Visions” features an eclectic mix of experimental, industrial, avant garde, rap, sound art, artist interviews, and the occasional live performance. The program happens the first and third Monday of every month and is broadcast worldwide from Sutro FM. There is a chat function where cassette and record giveaways happen as well as the occasional artist Q & A. Tune in for true outsider sounds and visions. 



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MONDAY, OCTOBER  4 , 2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST   Guest Host: TYRONE E BANKS 

MONDAY, OCTOBER  19  2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST  : Guest Host: LOACHFILLET / BOBBY COSMOS 

MONDAY  NOVEMBER 1   2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST  : TBA 

MONDAY  NOVEMBER  15  2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST  Guest Host: DAX PIERSON 

MONDAY, DECEMBER  6   2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST  Guest Host: HEADBOGGLE

MONDAY, DECEMBER  20  2021  5:00-7:00 PM PST  Guest Host: Ratskin 


Outsider Sounds and Visions       

Episode 22 

Mixed by  DJ MICOSE 

September 20, 2o21


Sombrio da Silva - Meditação nº3 

Mbé - Celebração do Xingu ao Congo 

Tantão e os Fita - Introdução ao Piorou 

Selm - Blood 

Shapes - Interference 

Muepetmo - []ANDTHIs  IS WHAT it WAs[] 

Phicus - Co 

Kira McSpice - Burden 

Fruit LoOops - Doe 

dog - organ of the void 

Kamixlo - The Burning Hammer Bop 

Shekuza - Color of Ice 


Bruckmann/Djll/Heule/Nishi-Smith - sustroon 

Lau Nau - Decennier 

Andrew Liles - Thou Hast Doom'd Me To A Life of Torment 

Lexagon - Hurricane 

Flavia Goa + Inês Terra 

Lea Bertucci - An Arc of the Horizon 

De Klumb - Himbididum 

massicot - Kubiks Rubiks 

Sugarstick & Xerox - Paradoxical Solids 

Satanique Samba Trio - Minialgia #10 

Scrambled Prostate Cantaloupe Disorder - Touched by The Salami of Purulence 

Shimmer - To The Left 

Tecuexe Band - Sembrador 

Headboggle - Who’s Playing Guitar 

(dell.tree) - Desperta, ó Tu Que Dormes 

Raed Yassin - A Fistful of Stardust 

V.E.X/Mpoira Scar - Snake I 

Avola - Entry Level Bog 

Oyisse - Pema 

gayphextwin - wonderingwhy 

Obay Alsharani - Release 

BeastNest - JSUN 

John Noise Manis - Constellations 

didimao - 41 Seconds






Outsider Sounds and Visions      

Episode 21

Mixed by  Josh Cheon 

September 13, 2o21


Stratis - Birds In A Cage 

Lena Platonos - Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση 

Jeff and Jane Hudson - Abadan 

Moral - Juice 

Vita Noctis - Hade 

Raw - A Strange Traveller 

Helena Hauff - hdowed 

Sepehr - Neophyte Delight 

Bézier - Silhouette 

Dax Pierson - For 2_24 

Robert Rental - Ugly Talk 

Cyrnai - Waydom 

Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Milžu Cīņa 

3 Teens Kill 4 - Desire 

Jasmine Infiniti - <3 (Heart) 

Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor (Maurizio Delvecchio Remix) 

Group Rhoda - Agua De Florida 

Tom Ellard - Ga Duum Blitzfonika 

Eric Random - Dow Chemical Co. 

Deux Filles - The Draw In Room 

Violet - Tears In 1993 

Kittin - Cosmic Address 

Borusiade - They Pass By 

Bill Converse - Seen 

From Nursery To Misery - Aeroplanes 

Patrick Cowley - Sea of China




Outsider Sounds and Visions     

Episode 20

Mixed by  Bonus Beast

August 2021 

Tracklist tba




Outsider Sounds and Visions    

Episode 19

Mixed by  Malo

July 2021

Ancient Methods - Walking On Cursed Soil 

Alice Glass - Forgiveness 

BEARCAT - Sight 

Music Of Indonesia - Three songs 

Ron Morelli - Re Runs 


RRose - Open cell 

Metal Prayers - Snake Spit Deflector 

Giorgio Morodor - The Chase 

Drexciya - Bermuda Triangle 

DJ STINGRAY - Assassin  BRP 

Fly Lo - Zodiac Shit 

Me Myself and I 

Drexciya - Surface Terrestrial Colonization 

Actress - Raven 

ZOMBI - Escape Velocity 

Russell E.L.Butler - It’s A flex To Cry In Another Country 

Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew


Outsider Sounds and Visions   

Episode 18 

Mixed by  Dax Pierson 

June 21, 2021


Algiers  - Can the Sub_Bass Speak? 

Fishbone  - Servitude (Album Version) 

Duma  - Corners in Nihil 

John Zorn  - Litany I 

The Body  - Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain 

Zeroh  - Hydro 

April + VISTA, Zeroh  - The Receiver 

White Boy Scream, Fire-Toolz - Air Friar 

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt  - Horse Mouth 

Sault  - Rise Intently 

Ben Lamar Gay  - Melhor Que Tem 

Angel Bat Dawid - What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)  

Mourning {A} Blk Star - Feels 

clipping., DEBBY FRIDAY, SB The Moor  - Back Up 2021 (feat. Debby Friday & SB The Moor) 

Eartheater  - MMXXX (feat. Moor Mother) 

They Hate Change, Fire-Toolz  - Scene !

Karen Gwyer  - Ribbon On Neck 

Sault  -  Stop Dem 

This Heat  - A New Kind Of Water 


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe  - Gravitational Pull 

Colin Stetson  - In The Clinches 

Dax Pierson  - Keflex 

Wizard Apprentice  - Sensuality 

Xuxa Santamaria  - Rudes Del Mar 

Phelimuncasi  - Umgido 

Black MIDI  - John L 

Zeal & Ardor  - Tuskegee 

Yves Tumor  - Gospel For A New Century 

Kmru - Argon 



Outsider Sounds and Visions  

Episode 17

Mixed by  Avola

June 14, 2021

Elrond - Operative Love 

Pauline Anna Strom - Mushroom Trip 

Nailah Hunter - Quiet Light 

Iasos - Angel Play 

Avola - Rip It 

Slickback - Koroshimasu 

Production Unit Xero - Crushing 

Mu. - Pentium Zen 

Emergent Structures - Pseudo Ecological Polychrome (Excerpt) 

Pauline Oliveros - Bye Bye Butterfly 

Aquarius - Oily 

Temptations - Friendship Train 

Music Blues - It's Not Getting Better 

Sabreen - Song For Childhood 

Shit and Shine - Very High 

Regal86 - El Machete 

Roche - Dreams of Peace 

Onu Blu - M'Nest 

Big Mama Thornton - Sassy Mama 

Captain Beefheart - Ashtray Heart 

Pearls Before Swine - Snow Queen 

Avola - Morte


Outsider Sounds and Visions  

Episode 16  

Mixed by  Elsa Trash  

May 17th, 2021

Tracklisting TBD 


Outsider Sounds and Visions 

Episode 15 

Mixed by  Audrey L. 

May 2nd, 2021


a. White Boy Scream – Thou 

b. a/c repair school – Cachorro (We Stone) 

c. Noise – 羊 

d. Delia Derbyshire – Land 

e. Klein – care about us 

f. PK Opal –  Commodifying My Mental Illness 

g. Endlings – In Us Confide 

h. Sabiwa – Daba 

i. The Car? – March of the Dustheads 

j. Savage Daughters – 420 to SLC 

k. Sour Spirit – cracked cube 

l. The End – Kråka. Rörde Sig Aldrig Mer 

m. Rose for Bohdan – Pocahontas’ Boyfriend 

n. Amanda R. Howland – Bones-Seeds-Feathers-Seeds-Stars 

o. Nour Mobarak – Father Fugue: Dawn 

p. Lucrecia Dalt – In the forest, demon walk 

q. Takako Saito – Tarori Po Po Po 

r. claire rousay – start w/o me 

s. Forest Management – Magnolia 

t. Curved Light – Fragile 

u. C. Lavender – External Becomes Internal 

v. Red Desert Ensemble – Lucie Vitkova – Choral No. 13 

w. Elizabeth A. Baker – Quarks 

x. Hear in Now – Cicle 

z. Hoofless – You Make Me Smile 

aa. Tyler Holmes – Heart Token 

bb. A Space for Sound – A1 (excerpt)


Outsider Sounds and Visions

Episode !4

HELL 2 by malocculsion   

April 19th, 2021


Guayaba - Timmy Turner 

Edgeslayer - Daily Melancholy 

Dax Pierson - Kelflex 

Norman W Long - Walking 

Monrhea - Steer Clear 

Forbidden Colors - No More Closed Minds 

Headboggle - Timed Entry (111 bpm) 

O.S.C. - The Chasing (interlude) 

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt - Horsemouth 

Collage block 

Chaki  - The Water Remix 

Tyler Holmes  - Song 

Dirt Collar - Spy Drone 

The Late Unpleasantness - Murder, Unincorporated 

Steve Flato - Up 

Endlings - Human Form 

Maya Songbird - Genuine 

White Boy Scream - Timeline A, Part 8 

Elaine Radigue - Part III 

Clipping - Secret Piece 

Nicole Mitchell - Arc of O (Part 2) 

Kehusimbe -  Kehusimbe 7’’ 

DJ Rashad - On My Way 

Irreversible Entanglements - Fireworks 

K.K. Null - Untitled 

Stormy, The Cat - Movement V




Outsider Sounds and Visions

Episode 13

Cosmic Loitering by Bobby Ganush 

April 5th, 2021 

Intro: Ratskin Records ID 

Jega - German 

Glass Candy - The Chameleon 

Naked Roommate - Mad Love 

Squarepusher - Ruin 

Xuxa Santamaria - White Pine 

Faze Island - Pacific System 

Mad Professor - Don't Drink the Piss 

African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity 

David Byrne-Brian Eno - Come With Us 

Johnny Jewel - Strobe Lights 

Tom Dissavelt - Sonik Re-entry 

Coubo - Springman 

Tara King th. - Orbital Awakening 

Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette 

Ataraxia - I Ching 

Cliff Martinez - Jesus and the Snake 

Tangerine Dream - Betrayal 

Patrick Gleeson - La Grange Point Five 

The Cure - Three 

Kraftwerk - Autobahn (Excerpt) 

Chromatics - Accelerator 

Richard Burmer - Riverbend / The Serum 

Kitaro - Moonlight 

Michael Garrison - Twilights Return 

Mort Garson - The Ride of Aida (Voodoo) 

Raymond Scott - Twilight In Turkey (On the Electronium) 

Don Voegeli - Electronic Hangover 

Giorgio Moroder - The Apartment 

Symmetry - Cruise Control 

Cold Colors - When the Summer Ends 

BEF - Optimum Chant 

Tangerine Dream - Real Love On A Train






on kpfa 


Mixed by Malocculsion 


RATSKIN X OVER THE EDGE Playlist 2/11/2021 

Over The Edge Intro 

Vangelis - "Twelve O'Clock" 

Dax Pierson - “Catch” 

Dax Pierson - “Adhesion” 

Subtle - “Silence…” 

Subtle - “The Ends” 

Dax Interview 

Dax Pierson - “Kelflex” 

Dax Pierson & Robert Horton - “Winterworld Dub” 

Dax interview 

Matmos - “Handkerchief, Heartbeat, Accordion (For Dax) 

”Dax Pierson “For The Angels” 

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt “Whicket” 

Wizard Apprentice “Exorcism” 

Coral Remains - “DNA Eraser” 

Lexagon “Hurricane” 

Las Sucias  “¡Chiquito, Bendito!” 

Spellling “Blue (American Dream)” 

Diamanda Galas “The Litanies Of Satan” 

Tyler Holmes “Confuse Me” 

Bran (…) Pos “UPSHOT” 

Beast Nest “Jsun” 

Alienslang “Imperial City Eye Panopticon” 

Moor Mother “No Love Here” 

Piano Rain “Last Year” 

Negativland  “Destroy Anything” 

Bonus Beast “Indust Tralle” 

Xuxa Santamaria “Chancletas D”Oro (Interlude)” 

Headboggle “Suspense Jag” 

Nerfbau “Demon Blade” 

Joel Shanahan “Honestly (excerpt)” 

Dead Letter Office “Expansive Corridor” 

Field recordings from West Oakland, California 2004-2020 

Malocculsion “Seventh Bell” 

False None “Procession Swarm” 

Flower Pattern “Total Drip” 

Slanted Square “Violence” 

V.E.X. “Another World” 

Maya Songbird “Eyes That Roar” 

Cyborg Eye “Dawn Cut”



Outsider Sounds and Visions 

Episode 11 


Mixed by Malocculsion 


JK Flesh - Paranoid Archetype 

King Vision Ultra - Pain Of Mind 

Moor Mother - Furies 

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt -  Horsemouth 

Bombsnax - dale! dale! 

Wheelchair Sports Camp - Hard Out Here For A Gimp 

Maria Chavez & Lucas Gorham - B Side 

Vankmen - Live At lcm 4-10-15 

Black Spirituals - Mass 

The Breathing Light - Lil’ Hood Rat 

The Uhuruverse  ft. Jupitter Black - The Twilight Zone 

Ragana - You Take Nothing 

Yama Uba - After  The Tower 

Gand - Place Of Healing 

Jeweled Snakes - Jolene 

Headhunter - Deadend Concert 

Mind Mirage - Her Endless Blooms 

Diamanda Galas - Wild Women With Steak Knives 

Discordance Axis - Ulterior 

Aaron Turner - The Vanity Of Need 

Alice Coltrane - Sri Nrsimha 

Antipode Consortium - Human Shield 

Black Quantum Futurism - Black Communal Time Rising 

KK NULL - Altered Brain Data Explosion 

Anna Luisa Petrisko - Vibration Group OST 

Patrick Cowley - Before Original Sin 

SHYBOI - Eat That


Outsider Sounds and Visions 

Episode 10 


Mixed by Malocculsion 

B L A C K I E - There Is No Light 

Ritmos Tropicosmos - La Mujer Del Agua 

Coral Remains - DNA Loop 

Backxwash Ft Ada Rock - Stigmata 

RIPONE - Vibrator Musicale 

Moor Jewelry - Look Alive 

Black Spirituals - Black Treatment 

Ennio Morricone -  Wait from The Thing OST 

Pinkcourtesyphone - The Harbor Darkens 

Jeweled Snakes - Light As a Feather 

Marlo Eggplant - Loose Footing 

Yama Uba - Phantom World 

Ennio Morricone -  Wait from The Thing OST 

Mynameisblueskye - Hidden Planet 

Aaron Dilloway - Psychic Driving Tapes 

ACTRESS - Street Corp 

Doris Norton - Binary Love 

Esoteric - Antim Yabra 

Parliament - Wake Up 

Fabio Frizzi - The Beyond OST 

Irreversible Entanglements -  The Code Noir Amina



Outsider Sounds and Visions   

Episode 9


Mixed by Malocculsion 

Joel Shanahan - Frozen Clock Hovering 

OSC - Shredder Funk 

Maya Songbird - You Should Be Dancing 

Nihar - Vermillion Garden 

Occasional Detroit - Bomb A 

Kamila Shakur - Focused 

Malocculsion - Out Of The Light 

Riververb - Black egg Moon Child 

Jeff Carey - Infinite Queue 

Pan Sonic & Charlemagne palestine - Untitled 

Transient and Darren Johnston - It Was Always Here 

Are Squar²d - Untitled 

Gorgeous Dykes - Bored Now 

Headboggle In Santasound - Live At The Lab 2010 

Moor Mother - Waiting Time- Wading Time 

Nerfbau - Predator Lathes 

Old Man Gloom - Message Received 

Anna Luisa - Through The Fire (ft. Micaela Tobin) 

rA Washington - All For The Fire This Time 

Bran (…) Pos - STEAMERHEAD 

JK FLESH - Idle Hands 

Clipping. - run For Your Life 

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title) 

Jasmine Infiniti - Yes, Sir 

Carter Tutti - Torn Window


Outsider Sounds and Visions 

Episode 8 


Golden Champagne Flavored sweatshirt - Pyroclastic Flows 

Dax Pierson - For The Angels 

Spellling - Black Wax 

Terror’ish - Pound 

Fever Ray - to The Moon and Back 

SURVIVE - Omniverse 

FKA Twigs - Sad Day


Outsider Sounds and Visions 

Episode 7 


Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Rocky Mountains 

Joel Shanahan - Better 

Joel Shanahan - Frozen Clock Hovering 

Abstract Praxis - focused 

Nihar - Disassociation Tape 

3LON - Aira of Resillience 

Guayaba -  Fantasmagoria 

Guayaba -  Mariposa Mala 

Marlo Eggplant - Loose Footing 

Jasmine Infiniti - Down Hill 

Maya Songbird - Witchcraft 

PIECES - Sends in It (excerpt) 

Inverts - Kill A Pig 

Monplaisir  - The Shimmer 

Diego Manuel - Liquidity Index 

Tribes of Neurot - Adaptation and Survival 

The Uhuruverse  ft/ Kohinoorgasm “That’s Yo Problem” 

Symmetry - Heart of Darkness 

Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt - Whicket 




Outsider Sounds and Visions  

Episode 6


Mixed by Malocculsion 

Blood Has Been Shed - From The Outside (excerpt) 

BEARCAT - Pouring 

Maya Songbird  - Eyes That Roar (Fish Blood) 


Beast Nest - Friends 

Echo Alexandrea - Piano Lessons With Sun RA 

Alice Coltrane - Rama Guru 

The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - We Are On The Edge 

Anna Luisa- Don’t Wait for Tomorrow ft/ Fanciulla Gentile  (Vibration Group OST)

Black Spirituals - Livid

Headboggle - Sun Splash 

Micaela Tobin - Timeline A Part 7 

Yves Tumor -  Astroid Blues 

Drew McDowall - untitled track for oakland  

Pod Blotz - The Current 

Otzi  - Herselves 

****Otzi In-studio Interview**** 

Julia Mazawa - Integers Such That 

Xuxa Santamaria - Heavens Gate Path 

David Molina - Group Dance 

Aaron Turner -  Fear of Discovery 

Albert Ayler - Mothers 

Actress - Towers 

DJ EARL - All In 

Hanatarash - We Eat 

Mika Vianio & Lucio Capece - Escapes 

Las Sucias - !Lavate’se culo! 

Maria Chavez Plays Stefan Goldmann's blank double vinyl loop kit 'Ghost Hemiola'

Kimya Dawson - At The Seams



Episode 5 


In A Cage - ZONAL ft. Moor Mother 

Beauty and The Beast - BEARCAT 

Many Body Physics - Black Quantum Futurism 

For The Angels - Dax Pierson 

Black Light  - Zachary James Watkins 

Sustos - Death Convention Singers 

You Were Never Ever - Forest Management 

GOOD & EVIL - Debby Friday 

Laurelhurst - Joel Shanahan 

CIS Het Scam - VYLTER 

Bees - Beast Nest 

Chariots Of Pumpkin - John Carpenter 

Goblin - The Collapse 

DEMO - Tyler Holmes 

Polyphonic Solo 3'' section  - Headboggle 

Wicked Attraction - Maya Songbird 

Another World - V. E.X. 

{Title Here} - Wizard Apprentice 

Running - Delia Derbeyshire 

Going Up - Coil 

Blue (American Dream) - Spellling 

Virus In the Sky - Pu22l3


    Episode 4  xx/xx/2020  | host: Malocculsion

    David Molina  - Wall And tongue Music 

    Burmese  - The Future Of suffering 

    Dreamcrushe - syva valo 

    Clipping. - Chain (remix) ft. Kill Rogers 

    Mental Jewelry - Psychic Fluid 

    Jeepneys  - Magnetics 

    Negativland  - Destroying Anything 

    Bigawatt - Ocotillio 

    Relay For Death  - Burn The Father Down 

    Robert Turman - Vortex 

    S.B.S.M.  -  Godzilla

    The Uhuruverse Ft. Jupitter Black - The Twilight Zone 

    Spellling -  Tremble Dancer 

    Wolf Eyes - Shattered Hallway 

    Black Quantum Futurism - Kythera 

     Moor Mother - CTM Five 

    The Creatrix  - D.B. No Moral Universe 

    TLASILA - Ward (Interior) 

    CBN  - The Animals Are Outside  

    Cheflee - Shack  

    Drought Spa - Hyperextensivity 

    Future Blondes  - Eternal 

    Headboggle  - Triangle Rag 

    Reverend Mother Flash - Revenez 

     Jasmine Infiniti - Scratchy A 

    Drew Mcdowall - Untitled 

    Russell E.L. Butler - Technofeminism House 

    Terror Apart  - Perfectly Nowhere 

    Thomas Dimuzio  - Abject Light


    Episode 3 

    mixed by : Malocculsion

    *tracklist coming soon 




    Episode 2


    Mixed By:  Malocculsion 

    *tracklisting coming soon


    Episode 1    host: Malocculsion 

    TRANSIENT - Alien Hands

    AUSCULTATION - Slipping

    WATKINS / PEACOCK - Two With Three Of Six

    BURMESE - The Future of Suffering

    HEAD BOGGLE  - Triangle Rag

    LAS SUCIAS  - Mi Cago

    LEXAGON - Dark One

    E. HERNANDEZ - Live at Machina Part 1

    FALSE/NONE - Screams

    SHARKIFACE - Underneath

    DAX PIERSON - Macrobid

    YAMA UBA - Angel

    THOABATH  -  The Thirst 

    LAETITIA SONAMI - Oracle Water (excerpt)


    TYLER HOLMES  - Demo 


    PIANO RAIN - The Art of Letting Go 

    BEAST NEST  - Pluto (excerpt) 

    LIZARD BITCH  - In Oakland 

    CEL GENESIS -  Liquid Expression Reanimate Sound

    ONLY NOW  Mid Rot

    LANCE HILL - Modular 2

    VOL  - 52 


    SCISSORING  - Live at 1234 GO (excerpt)


    FILTHMILK  - Jyoti Singh Antim Sankaar Geet

    SIGNOR BENEDICK THE MOOR  - Mouth Of The Beast 

    SPELLLING  -Blue (American Dream)

    GENITAL QUARTZ  - Alien Trust 

    RYAN KING  - Pre Brain Damage Excerpt

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