Ratskin Records Announces YAMA UBA "Silhouettes" LP / Merch line for preorder today, released 1/23/24!

Ratskin Records Announces YAMA UBA "Silhouettes" LP / Merch line for preorder today, released 1/23/24!

Today is a very special day as we announce our newest preorder  and first release of 2024 “Silhouettes” by the indelible YAMA UBA. This album is five years in the making but in  many ways, it’s also timeless. Getting to witness the creative process that went into the making of Silhouettes was really eye opening and inspiring and then seeing the reaction to these songs played live on their recent Japan tour was nothing short of earthmoving. Seeing Japanese  fans singing along (in Japanese and English) to these songs was really affirming to see. The intricate levels of blood, sweat and tears that went into this album from Akiko and Winter really show through in the final product, which we are honored to have a hand in releasing along with the amazing Psychic Eye Records. The record is up for preorder today along with a whole

Slew of special editions available on our bandcamp page and webstore. The first single “Shapes” is up now streaming where ever you listen to music.


Cover artwork by Pearl Thompson of The Cure.

"Silhouettes’ is a strong debut album that captures the shifting perspectives of its five-year writing period, and the emergence of Yama Uba’s uniquely crafted sound. With Akiko Sampson's charismatic vocals and rumbling bass combined with Winter Zora's sweeping guitar and saxophone soaring over velvet synthesizers and synthpop beats, Yama Uba makes several nods to their post-punk and darkwave predecessors while creating a sound entirely their own. Throughout each track, Yama Uba emerges as a songwriting unit able to capture the complexities of the human spirit, as fragile as it is powerful, as it experiences its own evolution. States Sampson, ‘‘As a whole, 'Silhouettes’ is about personal transformation and self-discovery, and is a reckoning with the power of time.”

Akiko Sampson: Vocals, bass, synthesizers, drum programming
Winter Zora: Vocals, guitar, saxophone
Additional percussion on “Disappear,” “Shapes,” “Facade,” “Isolation,” “Laura,” “Claustrophobia” by Charlie Vela
Additional percussion on “Shatter” by Michael Daddona

All songs written by Akiko Sampson and Winter Zora except “I’m in Love With a German Film Star,” by B. Gogan, C. Timperley, D. Aagar, R. Williams

Lyrics for all songs by Akiko Sampson except “Claustrophobia” by Akiko Sampson and Winter Zora, “Isolation” by Winter Zora, and “I'm in Love With a German Film Star” by Barbara Gogan

All songs recorded by Akiko Sampson at Psychic Rat Studios except “I’m in Love With a German Film Star” and “Angel,” recorded by Michael Daddona at Zoo Labs Studios
Mixed by Charlie Vera
Mastered by Daniel Husayn
Produced by Akiko Sampson

Album front and back covers designed by Pearl Thompson
Album interior designed by Akiko Sampson
Photos by Michael Daddona