DEMO 1980


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CYBORG EYE, an Italian horror inspired psychedelic sewer mashup of nostalgia horror archetypes, club beats, The Beyond and the Blood rave sceme from Blade.

"Mysterious duo Cyborg Eye throw down the robot gauntlet in this all-too-brief glimpse into the cybertronic future of earth, where the machines have won. These two electronic prophets, known only as Cyborg V and Cyborg D, skip straight to the end of the story with a twelve minute synth-looped, beat-laden end credits sequence called Dawn Cut (Extended Version.)

This track is followed by a deleted extra fight scene titled Visitor, that is dominated by aggressive knuckle popping, numchuck twirling, and gathering of henchmen, culminating in passages of synth hooks and drum breaks. It is a face-off like no other, that will end in bloo

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