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Tyler Holmes has crafted another deep, nuanced, and starkly honest EP titled “DEVIL” which is out on Ratskin Records August 30, 2019. The first visual “Two Tylers” recently premiered via The Bay Bridged to critical acclaim. “Two Tylers” is a visually stunning and conceptually complex execution of the minimally stark track, telling the story of the dualities of life and all of it’s intricate complexities. Holmes pulls from Chris and Cosey, Bjork and FKA Twigs for a soft and hypnotic vocal delivery backed with minimal, murmuring synths, selective percussion and a haunting tension gluing the tracks together. “DEVIL” is the next evolution in Holmes constant refining of their sonic palette, stripping out the maximalist approach that was used on previous releases and focuses on sonic archteypes that twist and turn the production into a beautiful, albeit slightly unsettling EP. Their three previous releases, “Invisible Island” , “DEMO” and “SPORT: Deluxe” all displayed uniquely varied styles of experimental electronic offerings, blending electro pop, noise, industrial, hip hop, and neo-classical, all uniquely gelled within radicalized, queer framework, exploring both the self and the community that they artistically operate within. “DEVIL” is the sonic continuum of all three of these works, distilled down to their strongest components, which give “DEVIL” a refreshing yet familiar sonic palette for Holmes fans to grasp onto. The first single, “Everything (Will Be Destroyed)” was commissioned and written for the series “CAMP CHAOS’ featuring Matthew Camp.

“DEVIL” serves as the prologue to the forthcoming LP “Nightmare In Paradise” due out on Ratskin Records in Spring 2020

“As a child my father told me all the ways I could and would allow the devil into my life and why this would send me to hell. This EP maps the ways we create a self fulfilling prophecy because we are told we are inherently “evil.” we search out the “devil” and allow it into our bodies, minds and lives. Resulting in the living hell we were promised by our fathers. We make it true because we think we deserve it.” - Tyler Holmes credits released August 30, 2019

Written, Produced, Recorded, Played by Tyler Holmes Mastered by Michael/ Daddona Ratskin Records 2019

Everything (Will Be Destroyed) created for the series CAMP CHAOS Featuring Cello - Peekaboo Flute - Lou Coy

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