Malocculsion, or Michael Daddona, is a sound, visual, and performance artist currently based in Oakland,CA, currently exploring relationships of sound, the body and the exterior space in which they exist, psychosis, mortality, the prison system and the omnipresent entropic trap door of life. Through high tension multimedia performances , videos, photography, sculpture, curation, and other various documents, Malocculsion explores the negative spaces of our perceived realities, and the social and physical spaces that surround us 

. Malocculsion also curates the RATSKIN Records imprint, founded in 2005, which focuses on documenting and releasing important audio based works in the phonographic, cassette, CD and digital formats. as well as co-founding the Styrofoam Sanchez/Coral Remains project, which is a mobile sound and performance art unit since 2010 , FALSE NONE a cult inspired performance art project, CYBORG EYE, a Italian horror inspired psychedelic offering of nostalgia horror archtypes, as well as curating numerous experimental sound events,art shows, video screenings including the Occular Eyeplugs series as well as many other underground happenings, and is currently the recipient of the 'Curator In Residence" grant at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, CA for 2017.

Personal War Machine


Malocculsion “Personal War Machine” CD/DL out July 2, 2019 via Love Earth Music
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Malocculsion "Wormfood" Video Premiere at The Brvtalist

 The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new video from Malocculsion. The Oakland-based sound, visual and performance artist explores the relationships of sound, the body and the exterior space in which they exist, psychosis, mortality, the prison system and the omnipresent entropic trap door of life. "Wormfood" is a powerful selection off the recently released compilation, Sacred Spells (Pyschic Eye), which brings together some great artists operating in the dark wave and experimental electronic realms from the Bay Area and beyond. In addition, all proceeds from this release benefit benefit TGI Justice Project, a group of transgender, gender variant and intersex people—inside and outside of prisons, jails and detention centers—creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom."


 Malocculsion "Personal War Machine" Review  at Houdini Mansions:

"Personal War Machine is like a never-ending fiery car crash down a rocky cliff into an abandoned junkyard full of genocidal cyborgs. Malocculsion, (whose daytime alias is Michael Daddona - lead skull-crusher over at Ratskin Records,) creates a continual atmosphere of urban mayhem, with overtones lifted directly from 1980s R-rated VHS action movie all-nighters. Squealing tires and rising waves of electronic tone dominate the album in a really great way, creating the feeling of one long night of bone-crunching action and plundertronic, weaponized sampling. Highlight tracks include the beastly monster chase of Melting, which brings to mind classic Carpenter flicks such as ‘The Thing,’ White Hot Burning Light of Darkness - which is built form an ominously vibrating tone that feels both electrified and psychic, and the 13 and a half minute burner of a track God is Alive, and You’re Next to Die, which blends a pounding beat with an incredible hook, and some eerie cinematic effects."

Malocculsion x Headboggle  Break Down end Times in "The Collapse" Video Premiere :

"The dark, cinematic and at times mirthful sounds of “The Collapse” highlight the duality of existence and the chaos of current life under late stage capitalism. “Sometimes things are collapsing so fast,” Malocculsion states, “that all you can do is laugh.

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