Onyx Split Series One


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"Onyx Split Series One" is the first installment of the next iteration of our split single series. The first was the GOLD BOX which featured twenty artists featured across ten cassettes, all doing 2:30 tracks. The first is Hillboggle on the A side and Nerfbau (RK/MD) lineup on the B side. This is the first new NERFBAU material since co-founder and brother Jsun Adrian McCarty tragically left this mortal coil in the ghostship fire on Dec 2 , 2019. This release is for him.

Hillboggle is the nascent "noise-grass collaboration" of San Francisco recorder Derek Gedalecia and his father David on banjo and dobro, debuted in 2013 as a cassette b-side through Derek's prolific Headboggle project. Imagined as a way to explore the elder Gedalecia's own experiments with unconventional sounds in the 60s -- Dwight Pavlovic, Crash Symbols

Nerfbau are wrestling foam-choked streams and sunless oil-slicked oceans back into cataracts of blinding consciousness. Theorems are laid forth herein as "Error Swarms” and proofs conducted using custom sequencers, laryngopharynx, reprocessed wind instruments, guitars, sound-object graphical processors and Dow Chemical's styrenefoam modified with Cyanoacrylate. - Resipiscent Records

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