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WIZARD APPRENTICE - Mozilla Hubs Performance 

January 14, 2021


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Wizard Apprentice (pronouns she and/or they) is a songwriter, performer, and video artist who co-runs an experimental music label, Ratskin Records. Her, along with her labelmates, are designing a mixed reality events venue that centers accessibility. There’s still a lot of fundraising, testing, and design work to do before the venue can actually serve the diverse range of physical, emotional, psychological orientations of event goers. In the meantime, those who can access the first iteration of this on-going project are invited to check it out. Wa Na Wari: Black Art Center is hosting a performance and exhibit by Wizard Apprentice which will take place in a venue created in Mozilla Hubs, which can be experienced via laptop, smartphone, or Occulus VR headset. If you’ve played Animal crossing or Minecraft, Mozilla Hubs is similar. Wizard Apprentice will orient you and take you on a tour of the space. There’ll be opportunities to explore, mingle, and attend a musical performance by Wizard Apprentice.

Wizard Apprentice and Ratskin Records are sharing this venue prototype with the intention of attracting more attention and funding. As the project budget increases, we can pay accessibility experts and web designers to create a more accessible space. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback regarding access. Ig: @wizard.apprentice email: bossabot@gmail.com

Accessibility Info:

-Attendees can choose an avatar and name that will allow them to enter the space. Some attendees may be anonymous.

-The site allows attendees to communicate with each other. You have the choice of speaking through the laptop and smartphone microphone or typing in a text box.

-Wizard Apprentice will use both spoken and written text to communicate to attendees. Performances will be captioned.

-Mozilla Hubs has built-in navigation features for blind and visually impaired users, however, Wizard Apprentice is new to web design and probably isn’t using those features correctly at this stage of the project. That means the venue is not likely to have effective image descriptions and may have competing sounds that make navigation difficult or unenjoyable.

-Laptop users: The current version of the venue requires the use of the keyboard (to move left/right/forward/back) and the mouse (to rotate the view, to move objects, and to click on links). Smart phone users: requires swiping left/right/up/down (to look or move in those directions) and swiping thumbs towards and away from each other to move closer or further from an object. VR Headset Users: The venue has not yet been tested using VR headsets. Feel free to try it out but at your own risk.

-There will be no strobe effects.

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JAN 25, 2021

In conversation #1 dax pierson & golden champagne flavored sweatshirt  -  2:30 pm PST / 5:30 pm est on @ratskinrecords instagram










Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt is an electronic music producer, curator, and multi disciplinary artist. Working with sound, video art, live and recorded performances across a myriad of disciplines and aesthetics. As an artist, cultural contributor and advocate for Black creatives; GCFS connects artists across mediums to create meaningful cultural exchange. Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt has performed at Voltage Drop Industrial Danceclub, Pro Arts Gallery Hybrid Series, International Noise Conference , STASIS Festival of Sound, KFJC 89.7FM and is featured on ROGUE PULSE/GRAVITY COLLAPSE compilation.




Dax Pierson is a musician/producer who has called the East Bay home for 20 years. He was co-founder of the bands Subtle and 13 & God, a touring member of left of center hip-hop group Themselves and an associate of the Anticon collective. In 2005 Subtle encountered black ice in the middle of the country while on tour and flipped over, leaving Dax with a spinal cord injury in the 5th and 6th vertebrae. Since his individual fingers are now paralyzed, Dax has switched to using a laptop controlled with iPad apps in order to produce. The last 12 years have been spent exploring the possibilities that technology could offer, often with time-consuming learning curves. His work is currently informed by limitations, college radio segues, hip-hop, ‘90s post-rock, odd time signatures, new techno, ambient drones, bobbing head beats and sentimentality.





Mixed Reality Festival

 October 2021 

Mixed Reality Festival  is an access-centered VR festival featuring current and upcoming Ratskin Artists and collaborators. Mixed Reality Festival is an immersive space for de-colonial artists that is completely untethered from the daily oppression of our lives.  It is a platform for artists to engage in aesthetically rigorous self-expression from the safety of their own home. We are accessibility focused and we want you to engage in our dream! Please donate and spread the word to ethically minded sponsors and donors. Check out our trailer for more information and read more here.