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For their new two song EP, “Nothing” Oakland, CA based producer and multi-disciplinary artist and Ratskin Records collective member Tyler Holmes offers us two brand new compositions “Nothing” and “ Rinse [Breath Play]” Through intense voice and breath manipulation backed with their minimal yet powerfully presented electronic based compositions, nodding to Holly Herndon, Xiu Xiu, and Cocorosie, Holmes offers two forcefully elegant and haunting tracks both separate from but in dialogue with their upcoming full length LP “Nightmare In Paradise” on Ratskin in Fall 2020. Holmes once again tightropes a complex web of emotion, sound and movement within their own sonic world into a pair of sonically powerful worlds. We hope you appreciate these beautiful electronic compositions as much as we do. \

Reviews/Press: "DEVIL" Review In : The Wire Adventures in Modern Music - November 2019 Astral Noize UK astralnoizeuk.com/2020/04/15/sleeve-notes-005-ratskin-records/ “...the daring noise-meets-R&B of Tyler Holmes...Holmes is a perfect example of Ratskin’s role in the scene, their experimental sound splicing the harsh with the playful and thus seemingly appealing to no established genre.” Underscore Music Magazine: www.underscoremusicmagazine.com/stream-tyler-holmes-everything-will-be-destroyed/ "Holmes draws as much in their sound from Trent Reznor and Mariah Carey alike, but this startling reinvention may be the first glimmer of a Tyler Holmes qua Tyler Holmes. Gone are the erotic industrial sounds, the sultry mid-aughts funk and futuristic diva-rap from recent albums and demos. Soon we may be reviewing new albums by new singers unmistakably influenced by Holmes, and we’ll look back on this song as the watershed moment when that Tyler Holmes sound was born. Don’t miss this indispensable piece of history." More Info / Links: Music Video For “Two Tylers” : www.youtube.com/watch www.ratskin.org/artists/tylerholmes.html tylerholmes.bandcamp.com

TYLER HOLMES (They/Them) is a music producer, singer-songwriter, and performance artist who uses music as a therapeutic device. Holmes creates a manic digital-age take on soul singing by blending a variety of vocal genres including R&B, Folk, Goth and Gospel. Autobiographical and absurd, their writing is alluring and uncomfortable, both brutal and beautiful, bringing the audience into a shared space of healing and catharsis. They perform with constantly changing electro-acoustic arrangements, always finding new ways to showcase an intimate horror. This summer Holmes released 'Devil' on Ratskin Records, and created a music video for the single "Two Tylers' with Berkeley auteur Chani Bockwinkel. The video tackles themes of cults, domestic violence and control and how these themes interact with and affect queer black and brown people. 'Devil' also features 'Everything [Will Be Destroyed]' with Bay Area queer cellist Peekaboo, which was recorded as the theme for 'CAMP CHAOS' starring Matthew Camp for Men.com.

This summer Holmes' also released a drag gaymer music video with L.F.C., their post-VR girl-group with vainhein [Daddies Plastik] entitled 'How Did I Get Into This Bikini.' Tyler also wrote and recorded the theme for Men.com’s inaugural scene interpreting the iconic “Tom Of Finland’ also starring Matthew Camp called ‘Untitled,1957.’ Most recently, they released an EP of unreleased and rare material: “HER IS” for Bandcamp Day. credits released May 1, 2020

“Nothing EP” Artwork , Cover by Adrian Octavius Walker

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