S T Y R O F O A M . S A N C H E Z

VIDEO / AUDIO EXCERPTS :::::: Trash Inertia
STYROFOAM SANCHEZ is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre.


COASTAL RUIN LIVE 2014 @ The Church.


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STYROFOAM SANCHEZ "Empire Underwater Tour" 2014 - NORTH AMERICA
August 15-21 w/ support from GREG GORLEN (Sf)
August 15 | LCM - Oakland
August 17 | Area 51 - SLC
August 18 | DENVER - Rhinoceropolis
August 19 | LINCOLN - Bourbon Theater
August 20 | ST. LOUIS
August 21 | CHICAGO
August 24 | DETROIT
August 25 | CLEVELAND
August 26 | ROCHESTER
August 27 | BUFFALO
August 28 | The Flywheel - EASTHAMPTON, MA
August 29 | Uncharted Gallery- LOWELL, MA
August 30 | PROVIDENCE
August 31 | NEW HAVEN
September 1 | MERIDAN
September 2 | NYC
September 3 | PHILADELPHIA
September 4 | BALTIMORE
September 5 | ASHEVILLE, NC
September 6 | CARRBORO, NC
September 7 | NASHVILLE
September 8 | CHATTANOOGA
September 9 | NOLA
September 10 | HOUSTON
September 11 | 9/11 Noisefest Club 1808 - AUSTIN
September 12 | AZ / NM
September 13 | LA
September 14 | LA - handbag factory
* dates/cities subject to slight changes

STYROFOAM SANCHEZ is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre. Spawning from a hybrid of human DNA and trash, Sanchez is a dystopian amalgamated magnification of failed civilizations, spliced rogue technologies gone awry spawning dark pulses of technological neurosis and inner psychosis . When fish put fin to sand then you'll understand, fish can carry guns. Styrofoam Sanchez represents the last molecule before total conversion of humans into futuristic trash receptacles. Human, your skull will be in a museum. The post apocolyptic outfit presents a high intensity, often interactive onslaught of sonic and visual mayhem, utilizing rogue-manufactured styrofoam instruments , voice, synthesizers, custom microphones, as well as live projections and customized light sources .

Styrofoam Sanchez is represented exclusively through RATSKIN RECORDS, and will be conducting a full United States tour from August 16th-September 16th 2014 in support of a 12'' LP / DVD / book project, titled "Empire Undewater" . Collaborative projects are in the works with the legendary Bastard Noise upon return from the tour, as well as a gallery installation at the MOCO Gallery in Oakland, CA, as well as a European Tour in 2015-16.

Styrofoam Sanchez has toured or performed with The Ruins, Laetitia Sonami , Caroliner Rainbow, Nate Young and Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer,AMK, Damion Romero, COCK E.S.P., Headboggle, Horaflora Yaxamillo (Japan) , Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, The Haters and many more.
12'' LP + Full Length Film (DVD) + Book project to be released August 2014.
"FISH CARRY GUNS" fifteen minute cassette OUT NOW on Banned Production

" Styrofoam Sanchez sounds like today's sonic detritus assembled into some approximation of a doomy tomorrow, as if the future will just be the sum of today's trash. The experimental group performs in elaborate Styrofoam headpieces and suits, evoking future monopolists of nonrecyclable material flaunting their wealth. Its sets consist of a single lengthy piece, incorporating musique concrète, computers, and live electronic manipulation, that at times sounds like grating machinery or a chorus of amplified empty stomachs. It's harsh, arrhythmic, and conceptual, but not pedantically so. The group bio uses phrases like "sculptural personification," but the experience is enthralling even for people who don't think or talk like that." - Sam Lefebre , from

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