CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre. Spawning from a hybrid of human DNA and trash, CORAL REMAINS is a dystopian, amalgamated magnification of failed civilizations, spliced rogue technologies gone awry spawning dark pulses of technological neurosis and inner psychosis . When fish put fin to sand then you'll understand, fish can carry guns. CORAL REMAINS represents the last molecule before total conversion of humans into futuristic trash receptacles. Human, your skull will be in a museum.


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12.5.2015. Purple House. oakland, CA w/ Burmese, Black Dog, Las Sucias!

CORAL REMAINS / Styrofoam Sanchez has just released it's first full length, "Empire Underwater" 12'' LP/DVD/Book Set on Ratskin Records, as well as the "Coastal Ruin" cassette. You can order them both by clicking here.
Styrofoam Sanchez is recording for several new releases, as well as summer 2015 US Tour.

VIDEO / AUDIO EXCERPTS :::::: Trash Inertia

COASTAL RUIN LIVE 2014 @ The Church. (2014)

PRESS/ ALLIED documentarians

"Future, Shocked" , Recent writeup in the East bay Express, 2014
"Landfill Experimentalists", SF Weekly, 2014
"Empire Underwater" LP Review - K F J C
"Empire Underwater" LP Review - Follow The Light Blog
"Empire Underwater" LP Review - Resipiscent Records


CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) is represented through RATSKIN RECORDS, and will be conducting a full United States tour in summer of 2016 in support of a NEW 12'' LP / DVD / book project, yet to be titled. . CORAL REMAINS has embarked on two US tours, and three PACNW / West Coast Tours, Collaborative projects are in the works with the legendary Bastard Noise, members of Cock ESP and more, as well as a VHS release on Out Of Body Records, numerous new cassette releases, a 7'' lathe, and more installation projects in 2016!

CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) has toured or performed with The Ruins, Laetitia Sonami , Caroliner Rainbow, Nate Young and Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes, Jaap Blonk, GX Jupitter Larsen, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, AMK, Damion Romero, COCK E.S.P., Headboggle, Mark McGuire, Leslie Keffer, Horaflora , Yaxamillo (Japan) , Bastard Noise, Relay For Death, Black Dog, Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, The Haters, Stillsuit, Radio People, Burmese, Daisy World and many more. "Empire Underwater" received glowing reviews ending up on numerous 2014 Best of Lists, as well as a recent top notch review at KFJC
12'' LP + Full Length Film (DVD) + Book project was released August 2014.
"FISH CARRY GUNS" fifteen minute cassette on Banned Production

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"Styrofoam Sanchez sounds like today's sonic detritus assembled into some approximation of a doomy tomorrow, as if the future will just be the sum of today's trash. The experimental group performs in elaborate Styrofoam headpieces and suits, evoking future monopolists of nonrecyclable material flaunting their wealth. Its sets consist of a single lengthy piece, incorporating musique concrète, computers, and live electronic manipulation, that at times sounds like grating machinery or a chorus of amplified empty stomachs. It's harsh, arrhythmic, and conceptual, but not pedantically so. The group bio uses phrases like "sculptural personification," but the experience is enthralling even for people who don't think or talk like that." - Sam Lefebre , from


Styrofoam Sanchez Performance History 2009-2015

10.31.2015 The Lab. SF, CA w/ Moira Scar, Decide Today, Undercroft, Conditions
8.6.2015 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Moira Scar, Decide Today, Undercroft, Conditions
8.4.2015. The Handbag Factory. Los Angeles, CA w\ Bastard Noise, Pulsating Cyst, Big Debbie, Conscious Summary
8.2.2014 Flag Brew. Flagstaff, AZ w/ SHMOAF, LNBTF, Fork Burn, Obsidian
8.1.2015. The Tannex. Albuquerque, NM w/ Bigawatt, Time Wound
7.30.2015 Negative Space. Kansas City, MO w/ Scorpion Warrior, Cultergeist, psychedelic Gangbang
7.29.2015. St. Louis, MO. Foam. w/ Janet, Willits, More Gorgeous
7.28.2015 Cincinatti, OH. Cide Central w/ Decide Today, Inbreeder, Drillbit
7.27.2015 Dayton, OH. The Brikhaus w/ PWMH, Evolve
7.26.2015. Voice Of The Valley. Millstone , WV
7.25.2015 Voice Of The Valley. Millstone , WV
7.24.2015 Mental Spaghetti Festival. Detroit, MI w/ Dental Work, Barbaque, etc
7.23.2015 No Nation Gallery. Chicago, IL w/ Death factory, Right Eye Rita, Secret Means Of Escape (US Maple), Tooth Eye, Feedbackula, Hideous Replica, Crazy Nail. Sid Yiddish
7.22.2015. The Uptowner. Milwaukee, WI w/ Hideous Rplica, Names Devine
7.21.2015 The Rat Hole. Minneapolis, MN w/ Cock ESP, Gnawed, Senator Butthole Johnson, Zombie Bite
7.20.2015 West Wing. Omaha, NE w/ Dirty Fur, Deep Lesions,
7.19.2014 Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO w/ Echo Beds, Of earth And Sun, DJTATTO, DJ Page 27
7.18.2015 Boing! Anarchist Collective. SLC, UT w/ AODL, Witch Portal
7.10.2015 LCM. Oakland, CA w/ Las Sucias, Lord Tang, Zanna Nera
2014 11.1.2014. The Foundry. Berkeley,CA w/ Zeek Sheck, Harassor , Moe Staiano
9.14. 2014 the Handbag Factory . Los Angeles, CA w/ Bulbs, Harassor, Bandito Overlord
9.13. 2024 The Sandbox. El Paso, TX w/ Resin Cum, Raul X Palomo
9.12.2014 Palo Verde, Tempe, AZ w/ Fake Snake
9.11.2014 Club 1808 w/ How I Quit Crack, Moira Scar, Xander Harris, Total Abuse, Future Blondes, Skullcaster, Street Sects
9.10.2014 Mangos. Houston, TX w/ Future Blondes, Anal Hearse, etc
9.9.2014. Mudlark Public Theatre w/ Guerilla Toss, Pure Matrix, Mc Traichotomy, Dj Rotten Milk
9.7.2014. Mike's House . Nashville, TN
9.6. 2014. Prisma Video.. WXTC Hopscotch Party Raleigh NC w/ Secret Boyfriend , Snake, Yetunda, Profligate
9.4.2014. The Crown. Baltimore, MD w/ Truth Serum, Pony Moon, Newagehillbilly, DJ C10
9.2.2014. Brooklyn, NY w/ MV Carbon, Bob Bellerue+ Mr. Matthews, KHF, Lutkie
8.31..2014. Club Dirt w/ Interlaken, Dream Police
8.30.2014 Brattleboro, VT w/ Crank Sturgeon, Guerilla Toss
8.29.2014. 119 Gallery. Lowell, MA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Alto Jeffro, Birdorgan God Cage Cran
8.28.2014 The Flywheel. Easthampton, MA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Noise Nomads, Abortis Fever,. EZPCP
8.25.2014 Lean Industries . Cleveland, OH w/ Stopped Clock w\ Chris Auerbach Brown
8.24.2014 MUG Detroit, MI w/ Siobhan, Ruby Ridge
8.23.2014. Mental Spaghetti 5 . Weldon Township, MI w/ Cock E.S.P., Dental Work, William Sides Atari Party, Watabatu, Barbaque
8.22.2014. Mental Spaghetti 5 . Weldon Township, MI w/ Cock E.S.P., Dental Work, William Sides Atari Party, Watabatu, Barbaque
8.21.2014 Babylawn. Chicago, IL w/ Panicsville, Cock E.S.P., One Dick Sucking Itself, Greg Gorlen
8.20.2014. Livewire Gallery Chicago, IL w/ William Sides Atari party, Greg Gorlen, Right Eye Rita, Janet
8.19.2014. Bourbon Theatre. Lincoln, NE w/ Black Plague, Greg Gorlen, Worthless
8.18.2014 Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO w/ Echo Beds, Sterile Garden, Page 27, Greg Gorlen
8.17. 2014. Area 51. SLC, UT w/ Burst Therapy , ADOL, Greg Gorlen
8.15.2014 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Relay For Death , Mansion, Black Dog
7.19.2014. The Church. Oakland, CA w/ Silver Shadows , Healers, Waxy Tomb
6.20.2014 leQuivive Gallery. Oakland, CA w/ Believe. Silent Girlfriend, Coagulator
5.29.2014. The Luggage Store gallery. san Francisco, CA The Fathers, Horseflesh, some wrestler guy
5.29.2014 Market Street San Francisco, CA (public performane)
1.11.2014 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Bastard Noise, Xome, Witches of Malibu, Omnivorous Scinsillum

8.24.2013 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Eye Of Nix, Murder Murder, Loachfillet
8.18.2013 The Lab. San Francisco w/ Aaron Dilloway, Scummerai, Kanoko Nishi, LLON, Horseflesh
7.14.2013 Sugar Mountain. Oakland, CA w/ Stillsuit, Death Drive
6.27.2013 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Jean Street/Nate Young , Pigs In The Ground, Bullshit Detector
4.10.2013 The First Church of the Buzzard Oakland, CA w/ Cock ESP, Nuclear Death Wish, Omnivorous Scinsillum, Tainted Pussy, Business Etiquette,
1.25.2013 LCM w/ VEX, Little Debbie, Stillsuit

11.23.2012 The Lab. San Francisco, CA w/ Yximalloo, Zeek Sheck, VEX
10.15.2012 LCM Oakland, CA w/ Laetitia Sonami, Jeweled Snakes, Crank Sturgeon
10.13.2012. Boom Bap. Portland, OR w/ Crank Sturgeon, Dead Air Fresheners
10.13.2012 KPSU. Portland, OR w/ Crank Sturgeon, Overdose The Katatonik
10.12.2013. Mike's House. Portland, OR w/ Crank Sturgeon, , Abyss Of Fathomless Light
10.11.2012. The Northern. Olympia, WA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Derek M Johnson
10.9.2012 The Josephone Seattle, WA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Prisonfood, Pink Void
10.8.2012 The New Frontier. Tacoma, WA w/ Crank Sturgeon
10.7.2012. The Wandering Goat. Eugene, OR w/ Crank Sturgeon, Mandom, {view}
10.6.2012. Norcal Noisefest. Sol Collective. sacramento, CA w/ Xome, Big City Orchestra, Nux Vomica, Bastard Noise
10.5.2012 Sugar Mountain. Oakland, CA w/ Diesel Dudes, Relay For Death, Crank Sturgeon
5.5.2012 The Smell ."Psycho De Mayo" Los Angeles, CA w/ RUINS, The Haters, GX Jupitter-Larsen+Gil Kuno, Horaflora
5.03.2012- The Handbag factory. Los Angeles, CA w/ AMK, Conscious Summary ,Horaflora
5.02.2012 - The Shakedown SD. San Diego, CA w/ California Bleeding, Torn Humorist, Horaflora
5.01.2012 - Meat Market Garment Factory. Tempe, AZ w/ Sara Century, Paul Arambula, Good Amount, Horaflora
4.30.2012 - Synchro Studios.512B Yale SE w/ Kayfable Quartet , The Jeebies, Javelina. Horaflora
4.29.2012 - Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO DNF Decompression Show w/ Crank Sturgeon , Horaflora
4.28.2012 Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
4.27.2012 Old Curtis St. Bar Denver, CO Denver Noise Fest
3.25.2012. The Lab. Noise Pancakes. San Francisco, CA w/ Matt Ingalls, The Process, Earspray, Fugazi Osborne

10.31.2011 First Church Of The Buzzard w/ Moira Scar, Anti -Ear
8.4.2011 Lace Gallery. Los Angeles, CA w/ The Haters, GX Jupitter-Larsem_Gil Kuno, Crank Sturgeon
4.22.2011. Denver Noise Fest. Denver, CO. w/ Crank Sturgeon, The Haters, PCRV, Sickness, Dental Work, Cock ESP
4.21.2011 Small Engine Reserve. Alb, NM w/ The Haters, Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Kilt
4.20.2011 The Trunk Space. Phoenix w/ The Haters, Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, James Fella, 78 RPM Orchestra
4.19.2011 Dem Passwords. Los Angeles, CA w/ The Haters, Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Robert Plotowicz
4.18.2011 The Zoo. Oakland, w/ Crank Sturgeon, Dental Work, PCRV

10,.3.2010 The Zoo. oakland, CA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Bran Pos, Dental Work, Basidiomycota
10.2.2010 Norcal Noisefest w/ Crank Sturgeon,. Xome, Lords Of Outland, Liver Cancer
10.1.2010. Norcal Noisefest w/ Crank Sturgeon, Dental Work, Pedestrian Deposit, BCO
9.31.2010 Westside Welding & machine. Vancouver, WA w/ Crank Sturgeon, Brizbomb, Warning Broken Machine
9.30.2010 The Northern. Olympia, WA w/ Crank Sturgeon. Derek M Johnson
9.29.2010 DIVA Eugene, OR w/ Crank Sturgeon, Chef Kirk, Spark Applied To Powder
5.8.2010 Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut. Oakland, CA w/ Soup Purse, Anti-Ear, Pykrete, Heule/Glenn/Nakatani Percussion Trio
3.12.2010 Berkeley Art Museum. Berkeley, CA w/ Caroliner Rainbow, Loachfillet, Xome,
1.17.2010 The Lab. Noise pancakes. san Francisco, CA w/ Anti-ear, NDW, Parenium, Rigor Mortis Clitaurus, lycanthropic legions of Noise

12.31.2009 First Church Of The Buzzard w/ Moira Scar, Jealousy, Butthole Urfers, Nuclear Death Wish, Hookworn Ensamble
10.31.2009 San Francisco CA w/ Take Up Serpents, Bonus Chrome Genie Beast, Rigormortis Clitaurus, Horseflesh
10.9.2009 ATA. San Francisco, CA w/ Sharkiface
9.19.2009 Bleakhaus. San Francisco. Boggledawn, Bonus Beast, Terror Apart, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Das Blut

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