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RSR064: SLANTED SQUARE "Three Sides" Cassette

Release Date:July 15, 2016

Pressing Info: 100 chrome hi bias cassettes

Track Listing:
Side Three :
The pain of Hate
In The Atmosphere

Side two:
First Contact

SLANTED SQUARE is the solo musical project of David Montoya of Bitter Fruit, Cartoon People, Centre, Lobot Gallery, and a million other bands, projects and more. After seeing Montoya selflessly taking a back seat role in all aspects of the music, art, and radical scenes, it's exciting to say the least to see this collection of solo works take form and release. Existing in a void between psychedelic angular pop rhythms, soundtrack music, noise, rock, and even EDM, "Three Sides" examines the dualaties of the everyday through beauty, cynicism, complexity, tone, decay, color, and rhythm. On "Three Sides", Montoya crafts a delicate, intricate, detail oriented, and necessary musical offering which we couldn't be prouder to offer to the RATSKIN family and beyond.
All music composed, produced, and performed by Slanted Square
Cover Art by : Slanted Square

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