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RSR056 : THOABATH "The Thirst" Cassette

Release Date:April, 26, 2016

Pressing Info: 50 chrome hi bias cassettes

Track Listing:
1. The Thirst (2:30)
2. The Thirst (Dembow satanico remix f/ Funky V) (2:30)

Bay Area sonic juggernaut Andy Way / A.C. Way is back at it again with another cut into the dark, esoteric, occult side of death industrial / power electronics with this short but pummeling cassette single. Way's first sonic offering to the Ratskin label creates a dense, cathartic and necessary fusion of dark blood clotted landscapes of analog mayhem, howling vocals, rumbling bass foundations and obliterating layers of white noise and beat destruction. The B side is a remix featuring Funky V of Las Sucias and offers a dembow style vocal and beat forward style remix of "the Thirst" but boasts the same sonic density and tension as the A side. Way can also be seen as the frontman for bay area avant garde metal outfit Sutekh Hexen, as well as French Radio, Carrion, and a bunch of other projects but this release continues on the solo path which keeps generating more and more compellingly, dark, and surreal audio works!
released April 26, 2016
Recorded, mixed and Mastered By Andy Way
Artwork by Andy Way.
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