RSR028: TERROR'ISH "Weak Stance" Cassette


Release Date: Feb 4, 2011

Pressing Info: 42 chrome, hi Bias c20's

Track Listing:
TERROR'ISH "Weak Stance"
As Long As The Outcome Is Income
Over Your Skin
Last Slice
Forever Mine
Pound (mp3)

Twenty minutes of chopped visceral beat hope hyped through cassette Tape rapid fire triggers for the blind, and maybe even the depth. Rhythmic and precision chop and paste style aesthetics is all over this thing, and yet it still has spacing and PACING , a rarity these days. dense dense frequencies coupled with the gurgling sounds of tape machines eating their own organs and maybe some of yours. There's plenty of tape based music bubbling to the undergrpound surface these days, but WEAK STANCE is some of the best we have come across. Chrome tapes with minimal yet impactful artwork by Mr. Terrorish himself. Grip it now, a must for analog heads.

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