RSR024: CHROME GENIE "Beyond Normal" c30


Release Date: October 5, 2011

Pressing Info: 63 chrome hi bias c30

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Tundra Probe
2. Glacial Solitude
3. Metroplex
4. Topped Loop
Side B:
1. Browser(mp3)
2. Yakuza Tailpipe
3. Beyond Normal
4. Gradient Control

"Beyond Normal" is Deleuze and GutterAtari applying the rhizomic computer broken-brain to "vintage egypt" type analog synthesizer systems and dr(sc)um machine modems. "Beyond Normal" is your exoskeleton rotting on the beach, but then you find like-warm skin with your arm down your throat, externalize your innards to the distortions of your veins. This is cold MUSIC??? A drastic departure from the tounge in cheek (ass) feedback driven "noise" squeals that these culture spammers worked in days of ole'. Get it now while it's only have cool, or else you'll end up in front of the mirror, with a reflection of yourself beyond normal, all too real.

CHROME GENIE-Live 1994 Video.