RSR022: VERTONEN "Le Coeur Mecanique"

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Release Date: October 5, 2011

Pressing Info: 160 pro pressed CDR.

Track Listing:
I. half ton presses, plating, stamping, chain belt.
II. iron works fabrication facility.
III. recycling facility.
IV. baler, feeder, belt systems (processing line).
V. air circulation and ventilation feed, shredding facility. (mp3)
VI. half ton presses, molding, drill press, diesel engine.
VII. air filtration and ventilation, desalination facility.
VIII. generators, vents, engines (diesel and gas), hydraulic press.

Mastermind behind the CIP label and Vertonen fame, Mr. Blake Edwards documents the precursors to physical industrial collapse through sound textures with this exquisite collection of recordings of old industrial machines around the Chicago, IL area. These are field recordings, but there NOT. This is the soundtrack to machines coming back to life to meet and beat their makers. Bleak, bleak, bleak spaces...

"The remote locations (for triggering and operation in the red zone) should provide the operator with an unobstructed sight line of both the cables (power supplies, fuel feeds, coolant lines, etc) and the machine. In the event of operator or mechanical error, both shutdown procedures and rollover protection (barriers or blocks) should be in place prior to operating machinery. The hydraulics (lifts, lock pins) should be inspected before and after operation; all debris should be cleaned from the bulkheads, chains, and cutting drums (as applicable). If supplemental dual sprocket chain driven conveyors are attached, all dust and debris should be removed from the conveyors and drivers prior to use; if any teeth on the driver are worn, replace immediately. Torque shafts, universal drive shaft assemblies, and loader arms should also be freed of debris and dust prior to operation. Lubricant should be applied prior to operation, and at intervals during operations to ensure continued and error free work. After operations, extend drivers and shaft assemblies, allow cooling, and then clean lubricant to remove any debris or dust that may have accumulated; otherwise, efficient work will be impaired and damage or death can result. Close loop coil cooling systems are also subject to debris, depending on environment. Note: the area immediately outside of the red zone is particularly hazardous, as booms are designed to have a diameter of sway, and the shaking and jolting of the arms can produce erratic motions that may catch operators off guard."

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